Malachi 3: Proving God is a faith principle. This principle has a special significance to the tithe. In tithing you need to be proving God.



Thank you for your faithfulness in giving your tithes and offerings. For the 2019 tax year, your Contribution Statements can be downloaded and printed beginning January 31, 2020. To request a mailed copy of your contribution statement please contact our executive team at


Before Downloading
Before downloading your statement, make sure you know your correct User ID (Email Address) and Password. If you are a new user and will be creating an account for the first time, please complete the new account process and then email to inform the Database Team that your accounts need to be merged. This process may take up to three (3) days and you will be contacted when it is complete. After the accounts are merged, you will be able to download your Statement.

How to Download your Statement
To download your Statement, click on the “Download Your Contribution Statement” link below to view the eGiving window. Your Giving History for the current year will be listed. Please, select the previous year and then select “View” to refresh. Click the Download Statement link to the right and open the PDF to view and print your Contribution Statement.

Download Your Contribution Statement

Please note: Your Contribution Statement will print best when using Firefox. If you are currently using Internet Explorer or another web browser, you may want to download Firefox before printing.

For more information, contact the Finance Team at 770-474-8611 or email