Grace Community Development Initiative

"Community cannot be engineered. It is a natural by-product of healthy, loving relationships which then foster associations of friendship movements." - Unknown


Administrator, Board Members, Advisor

TaMarlon T. Carter


Steven Jackson


Bernardean Broadous

Vice Chair

Brenda Franklin


Corby Starr


Tashieka Truitt

Board Member

Domonique Osborne

Board Member

Darren Cooper

Board Member

Darryl Sanky



Workforce Development

  • Human Resource Solutions
  • Pathway Assessments
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Talent/Career Coaching
  • Volunteer Recruitment & Retention

Community Development

  • Understanding and Identifying Stakeholders
  • Building Community Capacity
  • Developing Local Partnerships
  • Managing Effective Partnerships
  • Leveraging Resources

Economic Development

  • Masterplanning
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Securing Investors
  • Establishing Businesses
  • Advocacy for Financial Freedom

Our Partnerships

  • Edison Learning Group
  • Global Preparatory Academy
  • Grace Baptist Church
  • Grace Community Development Initiative
  • Grace Holding Corporation
  • Project Y.E.S. (Youth Educational Services)
  • The Legacy Group
  • Henry County School District
  • Wal-Mart Super Center